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 Schedule and Locations

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Mon - Thur: 9am - 1pm

For most of the year, we meet four days a week from 9am to 1pm, Monday to Thursday, and are usually closed on Fridays. There is a three-week winter break and a one-week spring break. Monday holidays will have make-up days the following Friday. Monthly and annual schedules are available upon request.

Be sure to check out our upcoming program on Fridays, Forest Fridays!

School Hours

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Where do we meet? Outdoors of course!

Our head-quarters are within Cave Junction town limits on an acre of land with a brand new fence, fit with play structures, room to roam, and a yurt.


We regularly also meet at trail heads at Forks Park, Jubilee Park, Lake Selmac, Grayback Campground and more. Ask us where we'll be this week!

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Our Daily Rhythm


9 AM - 11AM

Free Play

Arts and Crafts





11 AM
Adventure of the Day
Clean Up

12 PM Lunch

Puppet Show


1 PM 

Backpacks and Smiles!

Dismissal and Pick-Up

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School Closure and Extreme Weather

If a teacher is ill or our of town, school closure is unlikely since substitute teachers are available. We will not close because of ordinary weather events like rain, wind, snow, or cold temperatures. The parks have covered areas as does our head quarters in Cave Junction, and children should arrived dressed for the weather. If Three Rivers School Disctrict calls a delayed start due to snow or icy roads, we will start school one hour late at 10am, and finish at 2pm. If Illinois Valley schools call a snow day or cancel school, we will close as well. If we miss more than four days, we will reschedule those days at the end of the year or on Fridays.

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