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Forest Fridays

About Forest Fridays

Forest Fridays is a multi-age extracurricular nature immersion program for children grades K - 3 on Fridays. Forest Fridays provide Illinois Valley children the opportunity to study, explore, and apply scientific principles in our local Siskiyou forests. We team with local artists, scientists, rangers, and more to create high quality educational experiences. Contact us to enroll in our next season.

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Fridays: 9am - 1pm

Schedule and Locations

Forest Fridays run in 12 to 16 week intervals in the Spring and Fall. We switch up our locations and partners every season, but we're often found at Forks Park, Lake Selmac, and Grayback Campground. We take several field trips each season. Some of our recurring favorites are The Oregon Caves and The Redwoods.

Enroll for our current Spring 2022 session and find out where we'll be this Friday!

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Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling is an engaging way for children to use observation, curiosity, and creative thinking. Forest Fridays include a heavy focus on journaling, not only for children to learn and record, but to nurture their connection with nature. Our attention transforms our relationship with the wilderness around us. A tree on the lawn becomes a tree you spent an hour with. Each journal entry becomes a familiar memory and each bird on a branch becomes an invitation to slow down, pay attention, and experience wonder. 

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Forest Fridays partner with several local organizations each season. We invite rangers, artists, scientists, and more to join us on Fridays and spark inspiration and curiosity within our students. We believe that being hands-on with experts from our community creates a powerful opportunity for kids to familiarize themselves with the people that make our valley what it is.

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Field Trips

Forest Fridays take several field trips per season to provide our students with a variety of opportunities for great learning experiences. We visit national monuments, state parks, local organizations, and more with the hopes of inspiring our students to learn about and experience these beautiful and education places. Some of our recurring favorite field trips are the Redwoods and the Oregon Caves.

Our Daily Rhythm

9 am  Independent learning

9:20  Introduce today's theme

9:40  Sit spots and journals

10 am  Snack

10:30  Hike

11 am  Today's activity

12 pm  Lunch

12:20  Journal reflection

12:40  Hike back

1 pm  Dismissal and pick-up



Tuition for Forest Fridays is $125 due at the beginning of each month. Our drop-in rate is $35. We may have funded scholarship opportunities available to families who need some support. We will not turn away families simply for the inability to pay. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a child in need.

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