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Willow Room

What is the Willow Room?

The Willow Room is a quiet place located in the Illinois Valley Family Coalition Building. On weekday afternoons, this space is reserved for children ages 5-12 to do homework, do art, read, or journal with adult guidance and supervision. We work closely with parents to design study plans or provide support.

Schedule & Locations: Text

Daily Schedule

2:00 pm: Early Bird Story Time

2:30 pm: Quiet Study Time

3:00 pm: Snack

3:30 pm: Outdoor Athletics and Nature Study


4:00 pm: Art and Middle School Homework

5:00 pm: Quiet Games (checkers, dominoes, etc.)

6:00 pm: Dismissal or Dinner

6:30-8:00 pm: Evening tutoring

Schedule & Locations: Opening Hours
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Willow Room Handbook

We require all new enrolling families to read the Willow Room Handbook, which contains information information about our schedules, policies and more.

Contact us to schedule an intake meeting.

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