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Private Tutoring

About Us

Our tutors offer individualized one-on-one private tutoring as well as groups. We offer a free initial visit, so we can get to know each student and develop a plan with your input. Our goal in tutoring is to move students toward independent practice, so that over time they gain mastery of their subjects. We specialize in early childhood literacy, middle school and high school math, and science. We can also develop a plan of study in any subject offered at our local schools. We regularly check in with classroom teachers to ensure we are working together. 

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Most of our tutoring sessions take place in our offices in the Illinois Valley Family Coalition, 535 East River Street, but we are sometimes available to work at the local Boys and Girls Club, in the public library, or directly in your home. Contact us to schedule an initial visit or for more information.

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Our current Tuition rate is $30 per hour 

Scholarships and financial aid may be available, contact us for more information.

(Group rates may include discount)

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