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Art and Science Kids Outdoor Preschool Handbook

Our handbook contains important information for all Art and Science Kids families about our programming, location, schedule, protocol and values. We require all new parents to read through our handbook. Please download the handbook via the link below to read and review.

Art and Science Kids Enrollment Form

Our enrollment form includes our Liability Release, Medical Release, and Photo Release. We are required by law to have all families participating in Art and Science Kids programming sign our Liability Release Form. The Liability and Medical Releases are required to be signed. We ask that you print and sign our enrollment form via the link below, and bring your signed form to our teachers before your first day.

Background Check Form

Please use this form to apply for a criminal background check. Using the link below, please fill out Background Check form, and then either email the form to the email address specified on the form (, or mail it with the original signature to the mailing address specified on the form:

Office of Child Care
700 Summer St. NE Salem, OR 97301

You will need to complete this form and receive approval before you will be able to do your Stay Day commitment. Use the information below to fill out section 4A of your form:

Facility name: Art and Science Kids

Physical Address: 535 E River St, Cave Junction, OR 97523

OCC license: CC504052

Additionally, please give a completed copy of this form to the ASK staff either by scanning and emailing your completed form, or photocopying your form. This will help expedite your form review.

Handbook and Registration Forms: Information Pack
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