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Kindergarten Readiness

In a survey of Illinois Valley kindergarten teachers, we found that listening is the most important skill an incoming student can have. In addition, these students need social skills in order to sit with a large group of children and interact positively.


At Art and Science Kids, social development is a top priority. Every day our students learn to stay with the group, listen attentively. Self-regulate their emotions, and collaborate. We also teach students how to use kind words when speaking to each other.

The local kindergartens also have a few benchmarks in the areas of literacy and mathematics. We teach the following skills over the course of the year:


  • Write your name

  • Count objects to 10

  • Recite the alphabet

  • Recognize at least 13 numbers

  • Know the days of the week

  • Recognize basic shapes and colors


We are confident that our students will have the tools ready to become successful kindergarteners. We can also help you find the resources you need if you choose to home-school your child after you leave Art and Science Kids.

Kindergarten Readiness: Our Mission
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