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Testimonials from Art and Science Kids Parents

Testimonials: Testimonials

Talon has learned how to interact with others much better and has brought some of the tactics used at school home which is extremely helpful in everyday life. He comes home and teaches me. ♡...I feel that Talon listens, pays attention and is able to follow directions so much more easily since being in Art and Science Kids. I also love that they teach the same things as non outdoor preschools in a much more inviting environment. They have such wonderful ways of teaching basic ABCs, counting and recognition, shapes, motor skills etc. I feel the kids are much more willing to learn without feeling so restricted and I feel that they learn a lot more and a lot quicker.

Jennifer, Current ASK Parent

My son really enjoyed going to Art and Science Kids. He has always been an outdoors kind of boy so it was the perfect fit for him. It helped him get ready for a classroom setting, without the restrictions a classroom sometimes has. He learned responsibility and to respect the earth.

Brianna, parent of ASK Graduate

ASK has been wonderful. Aurora has grown a lot since she started. She is more articulate, has more refined motor skills and loves to spend time outdoors making rock and flowers creations etc. Before I don’t think she spent enough time outside...I see ASK as an opportunity to expose her to an environment with other children and teachers so that it is not a huge shock when she goes to kindergarten. Now if we could have an outdoor kindergarten -- that would be amazing!

Ashley, Current ASK Parent

Freedom can identify way more plants than either his dad or I can. He also grew socially and started pronouncing all his words correctly...We loved our time with ASK! Wonderful experiential learning through play and exploration.

Grateful, Current ASK Parent

My son made friends, and became a hiking machine. Because of his time at ASK, he’s good with working with other children.

Parent of ASK Graduate

Aven has really enjoyed the few months he's attended! He plays better with his brother and wanted to go outside, even if it was raining 😊

Jamie, New ASK Parent

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