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Tuition and Enrollment

Tuition & Enrollment: Text

Thank you for your interest in Art and Science Kids! We are accepting applications for our ongoing enrollment.  Please contact us to schedule a visit, register your child, or for any questions. We want to connect with you person-to-person to introduce you to our program and community, and make sure it's a good fit! All enrolling families must fill out and sign our Enrollment Form, which applies to all of our programs and is available to download, print, and sign on our website. Be sure to hand in your completed form to our staff before your first day with us. Information about the tuition, enrollment process, and discounts for each of our programs is below.


Preschool Tuition Rates and Discounts

Full Year Tuition

Except for summer sessions, our expectation is that your family has signed up for the whole school year. Annual tuition is $4500, which you may pay in 10 equal payments of $450 from August until May. Tuition is due on the 20th day of each month. You must make each payment in full no later than the last business day of the month, or we will not be able to reserve your child's place in the program for the following month. We will announce summer tuition deadlines by the end of April. Tuition is non-refundable.

Registration Fee and Handbook

To secure your place in our program or on our program waiting list, you must pay a non-refundable $150 registration fee on enrollment. The registration fee may be used to pay part of your first month's tuition. The registration fee can be paid online through our website.

Before your child's first day, you must also read our Outdoor Preschool Handbook, which details our schedule, policies, what to bring, and more. You can download the Outdoor Preschool Handbook on our Handbook and Registration Forms page.

Stay-Day Commitment

We love having parents, guardians, and grandparents of Art and Science Kids join us for the day -- and we value your time! You receive a $100 discount off your tuition if you volunteer for at least one full day per week with us. If you miss your volunteer shift and do not make it up, you will not receive the $100 discount that month.

Please note that in order to volunteer with us, each new parent or guardian must first have a background check completed. The Background Check form is available on our Handbook and Registration Forms page. The background check costs $10 per adult, and the first one is included in your registration fee -- you don't have to pay extra for that. Please contact us to get your police check underway or to learn more about being a stay-day volunteer!

Drop-in Tuition $30

You need to arrange ahead of time to join us for a drop-in day. There are two reasons why families may need to have a $30 per day drop-in schedule:

  1. You are on our waiting list.

  2. You are committed to our program, but you have an unpredictable schedule.

These situations are both unusual because we strive for full enrollment from students. however, if you are on our waiting list or have an unpredictable schedule, please contact us and we might be able to accommodate you. ​Most of these arrangements require at least 12 hours notice, but sometimes a last minute opening occurs. We reserve the right to say no on any given day. Our program is based on rhythms and repeated practice. Students who only come occasionally are not going to receive the full benefits we offer such as social development, motor skills, and kindergarten readiness. 

Financial Assistance and Winter Gear

Several retired folks in our community have offered to pitch in to purchase winter clothing and to sponsor a needy student. If you need help purchasing rain gear or if you need scholarship funds to help with tuition, please let us know. You will have to write personal letters to the donors explaining why you need the funds, and you will need to write thank you letters if you receive funding. We are happy to help you write, proofread, edit and send the letters. Just ask!

Preschool Tuition

Forest Fridays Tuition Rate

Full Season Tuition

Tuition for a Full time Forest Fridays schedule is $125 at the beginning of each month. Tuition is non-refundable. Contact us to schedule an intake meeting.

Drop-In Tuition

We offer a Drop-in rate of $35 per day for children with unpredictable schedules. Drop-in tuition must be paid in advance or at drop-off. To receive all the benefits of Forest Fridays, we recommend a full-time schedule.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance 

We may have funded scholarship opportunities for families who need some support. We will not turn away families for the inability to pay. Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in sponsoring a child in need.

Private Tutoring Tution
Forest Friday Tuition

Private Tutoring Tuition Rates

Hourly Rates

Our current tuition rate for tutoring is $30 per hour. We may have group discounts available. Contact us to learn more.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

We may have scholarships or financial assistance available for families who need support. Contact us for more information

Willow Room Tuition Rates

Hourly Rates

Our current Willow Room tuition rate is $10 per hour, per student. The Willow Room does not provide drop in care. Contact Us to schedule an intake meeting.


We require families enrolling in the Willow Room to read our handbook which details our schedules, policies, and more. You can download and read the Handbook on The Willow Room page.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance 

We may have funded scholarship or financial assistance opportunities for families who need some support. Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in sponsoring a child in need.

Willow Room Tuition
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